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Jeweled Snake Bracelet // Shop Design Spark

Jeweled Snake Bracelet // Shop Design Spark

Jewelry is a very personal way to express yourself and I think you can tell a lot about a person by the pieces she chooses to wear. It’s not an exact science, but someone who only wears dainty little pieces is usually more reserved than the girl in big hoops or a studded choker. I generally go for simple, pretty pieces with a little character, like this gold jeweled snake bracelet from Shop Design Spark. You be the judge what that says about me.

Shop Design Spark has quickly become one of my favorite online jewelry retailers. They offer a wide variety of trendy, affordable pieces. There’s definitely something for everyone, from dainty to statement, boho to modern, and simple to intricate pieces. This snake bracelet definitely stood out to me, and it was actually featured in June’s issue of Style Watch.

I’ve been wearing this snake bracelet pretty regularly, including last night to InStyle Magazine’s pool party. It was the perfect accessory to complement my flowy black top and jean mini. It also survived the torrential downpour I got caught in while on my way to the party. Props to InStyle for managing to pull off the event, because it literally started pouring 5 minutes before the party was supposed to start. When I finally arrived, after standing under an awning for 10 minutes waiting for the rain to stop, workers were running around trying to move the party inside. Guests were packed into the downstairs hotel bar and everyone was sweating hardcore. After about an hour of that, the rain completely stopped and InStyle decided to move the party back outside. It took about 30 minutes for them to set up everything again, but it was so worth it. The location was picture perfect with a blow up swan in the pool, pretty lounge chairs, and booths around the deck serving up drinks, massages, and hair services. I’m very happy that my friends and I decided to stick it out for the party to move back outside, but seriously, what a night! At least my accessories were on point through it all!

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hong

Thank you Shop Design Spark for collaborating on this post.

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