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Cold Shoulder White Dress + Red Heels

Cold Shoulder White Dress + Red Heels

I used to wear all white on the reg. Then I went through an all black phase, and now I’m balancing somewhere in the middle. Through every phase; however, I stayed consistent with my love for a pop of red. There’s something about that bold contrast that gets me every time.

I got really lucky with the location for this shoot. My photographer Riley and I were shooting street style, but we passed the Oculus building and Riley insisted we go inside to take photos. The architecture there is incredible and the entire building is white, which worked perfectly with this outfit.

This week has been the usual amount of crazy. The craziness was mostly work related as we’re getting ready to launch the new Elizabeth and James fragrances, but somewhere in between wrapping perfumes in craft paper and sorting shipping labels, I found the time to speak to some students at LIM college. The students were part of a fashion camp run by someone I met at a networking event, which just goes to show how important networking events are. They asked me a lot of questions about how I work with brands and how I built my following, but the highlight was definitely when I mentioned how I had spent the day on set with Kendall Jenner and I swear they all jumped in their seats. It was actually adorable.

Here are my 3 favorite ways to incorporate a pop of red:

  1. Red Shoes. Red shoes or shoes with red soles are my absolute favorite way to add a pop of color. The red stands out which amps up the entire outfit, especially when wearing monochrome.

  2. Red Accessories. A red bag or red jewelry instantly brightens up an outfit. The accessories also bring a playful vibe.  

  3. Red lipstick. A pop of red doesn’t have to be in your outfit itself. Red lipstick also does the trick.

What are your favorite ways to add a pop of color?

Cold Shoulder White Dress: Zara
Gold Bracelets: Lydell NYC + Banana Republic
Beaded Chokers: Ela Rae Jewelry
Red Lace-Up Heels: French Connection/Bloomingdale’s

Photo Credit: Riley

xx Esther

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