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Photoshoot Collab With Lexicon Of Style + How To Make Blogger Friends

Photoshoot Collab With Lexicon Of Style + How To Make Blogger Friends

Right up there with the incredible events and collaborations blogging has made possible, my blogger friends are probably the greatest result of L&L. I met Lex, the blogger behind Lexicon of Style, about a year ago at an event she hosted at 3NY in collaboration with her own scarf line. She’s exuberant, sweet, and one of the most real people I’ve met in the fashion industry. In good ol’ blogger spirit, Lex and I decided to do a shoot together to feature her scarf collection, also named Lexicon of Style. I had bought one of Lex’s emerald green skinny scarves at a recent event, so I knotted it around my bag and Lex wrapped one of her white scarves around her neck. We had so much fun shooting on the High Line and then caught up over coffee at Soho House.

My new intern, Cassidy Lunney, started today and while on the topic of photoshoot collabs, she gave me the idea to include some advice on how to start building blogger friendships, so here goes.

  1. Follow and comment on other bloggers’ Instagram pages. This is how I made at least half of my blogger friends. After talking back and forth on the platform, one of us usually reaches out about meeting up for coffee. It sounds creepy, but we always meet in a public place and can recognize each other immediately after following each other for a while.

  2. Go to events. Whenever I get an event invite, I make an effort to go, especially if another blogger is hosting. Bloggers are generally friendly, so it’s easy to strike up conversations once you’re there. Face to face conversations are also the best for building relationships.

  3. Host an event. Invite bloggers who follow you and who you’ve been following and spend time getting to know everyone who shows up.

  4. Blogger Brunches. I talked all about what those entail in an older post, so feel free to check that out:

  5. Photoshoot collabs. Reach out to bloggers you like and ask to do a shoot together. Decide if you just want to take pictures of each other or if you want to get a photographer to snap shots of you together. It’s a great way to build a friendship, especially if you meet up over coffee first.

  6. Fashion Week. This is in its own category because it’s not an event everyone has the privilege of attending and guests are not generally friendly or interested in talking to you. That being said, if you have the opportunity to go, take advantage of the time BEFORE the shows. Start a conversation with the people standing in line next to you. It can be intimidating, but no one has anywhere to be at that moment, so just go for it. I’ve met many bloggers and other industry members this way. Once the line moves inside, get settled in your seat and start talking with the people sitting next to you. Two seasons ago, I struck up a conversation with the women next to me at the Desigual fashion show and found out they were the designers. You just have no idea who you’ll meet. Once the show is over; however, don’t waste your time. Everyone is in a rush either to meet the celeb attendees or head over to the next show.

The most important part of building blogger friendships is keeping in touch. Comment on each other’s photos, meet up for coffee or brunch occasionally, and make an effort to show up at the same events. And you never know...maybe after a while, you'll even be able to drop the blogger title and just call yourself friends. ;)

Oversized White Dress Shirt With Patches: Zara
Ripped Jeans: Zara

Pink Box Bag: Zara
Emerald Green Skinny Scarf: Lexicon of Style
Aviator Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Cork Wedges: Dolce Vita

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hong

xx Esther

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