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Striped Dress + Long Blue Vest

Striped Dress + Long Blue Vest

What a week. I honestly don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to go back to normal life where incredible opportunities don’t just fall into your lap every other second. Thank G-d, life has really been looking up lately. I’m not even sure where to begin because it’s been a continuous stream of amazing moments, but here we go. First off, my roommate and I found a new apartment in an amazing location. My commute to basically everywhere will be cut down tremendously and we will finally have a doorman, which is a huge selling point since 2 of my packages were recently stolen. As exciting as that is for me, that’s actually the dullest news I’ve got for you. That was last Sunday night.

Monday - I got an email from one of the PR girls I work with over at Wetherly Group inviting me to the Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato concert. I was even able to invite my roommate to tag along.

Tuesday -  I got a tour of the Wetherly Group showroom (died over the furry slides), and then had an epic night at the concert. Wetherly treated me and my roommate to drinks and snacks, and oh, I forgot to mention… we sat 3rd row! Not only that, but Wetherly’s other guests were the senior fashion editor and social media manager of Elle Magazine. Um, yea…

Wednesday - Wetherly sent over a thank you gift for joining them at the concert. Waterproof and sandproof speakers that I cannot wait to take with me to the beach. Also, I had my debut on reality TV in an episode of FYI’s Arranged, which was way too much fun to watch. Filming was also an amazing time, but reality TV is beyond fake. I swear, nothing you see is real, but that’s a story for another time.  

Thursday - If you thought my week was good already, prepare to be floored. My boss came over to me Thursday afternoon and asked me if I was busy on Monday at 1pm. After I said, “No,” she said, “Good, because you have a meeting with the creative director of Christian Louboutin.” Mic drop.

I was speechless, but the day kept getting better. Around 2PM, a messenger dropped off goodies from Ivanka Trump, an updated Soho Tote in black and a pair of my favorite Klover Sandals. Presents never get old.

Then at around 3pm, my friend texted me randomly. We caught up for a bit and he mentioned that he would be doing a shoot with only the most famous model in the biz next week. Unfortunately, I can't name names, but I figured there’d be no harm in asking, so I just went ahead and asked if I could do some behind-the-scenes coverage of the shoot for L&L. I’m still in shock, but he said, “Yes!” Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Now a little about this look…

I’m only 5’3’’ which makes it sometimes tricky for me to pull off a long vest. Here is my own set of styling tips I use in order for the vest not to overpower my outfit.

  1. I tend to layer short skirts and dresses under long vests to give the illusion that I have longer legs than I actually do. If I were to wear a skirt the same length as the vest, I would get a midi length all the way around which would cut my legs awkwardly, making me look super short. Another way around coming off short is to pair a floor length skirt or dress underneath the vest. I just love playing around with varying hem lengths.

  2. I keep the layers underneath tight to contrast the loose fit of the vest. This helps balance out the volume of the vest and show that I still have a shape under all that fabric.

  3. Heels make everything better. Since a long vest hangs lower on me than the average person, I usually throw on a pair of heels or wedges to add some distance between the vest and the floor.

Striped Dress: H&M
Long Light Blue Vest: Zara
Beaded Choker: Ela Rae Jewelry (c/o)
Aviator Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (c/o)
Navy Soho Tote: Ivanka Trump (c/o)
Cork Wedges: Dolce Vita/Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hong

xx Esther

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