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Coffee Talk // The 6 Reasons Brands Aren't Reaching Out

Coffee Talk // The 6 Reasons Brands Aren't Reaching Out

Fun fact about me. I'm currently doing the blogger outreach for Elizabeth and James. Cool, I know. And the greatest part is that I'm able to give so many of my blogger friends or just people I've been following on Instagram the opportunity to work with such a sought after brand. I've been reaching out to plenty of bloggers I don't follow too, so I just wanted to give over a snapshot of the qualifications I look for so if I happen to pass over your Instagram profile, you may just have a chance.

  1. Most bloggers do this already, but to those who don't, make sure to include an email address in your bio. If I don't immediately see a contact email when I find a profile I like, I either skip right over it or take max 30 seconds to search for it on the person's blog. Depending on how busy I am, if it takes me longer than 30 seconds, it doesn't matter how beautiful the Instagram feed, that person is removed from my list of potential influencers.

  2. This isn't a hard rule, but more times than not, I will not contact a blogger if I don't know her name. As a blogger myself, I can't stand receiving emails with greetings like, "Hello there," so I don't ever plan on being the person who writes that in a pitch. Ideally, your name would be in your Instagram profile page. If it's not there, it should be on your blog's About Me page. If I can't find your name, don't expect a collab request.

  3. Location, location, location! We are currently only looking for influencers who live in the US and Canada regions. That being said, If I can't find your location in 30 seconds or less, I'm not about to take the risk of offering you a collab opportunity that I will have to take away if I find out you live overseas.

  4. Engagement is everything. Even more than your follower count. If you have 5k followers and get an average of 600-1000 likes per photo, I'll be speaking to you soon.

  5. Content is also everything. Even if you don't have a massive following or engagement, if I love your feed and feel that your aesthetic matches the brand, I may work with you purely for content creation purposes.

  6. I've been spending my days stalking Instagram profiles and if I'm completely honest, I give each profile about 2 seconds before deciding its fate. What I'm looking for is an overall beautiful feed. I judge that immediately. I then look for consistency in the photos. If you make it past those two tests, I start looking for flatlays or product shots so I can get an idea of how you would feature our fragrances. If I like what I see, I start taking down info like, name, email, location.... And as I said before, if you don't offer the information, I'm not about to go searching.

Hope this helps!

xx Esther

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