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JoJo Life Bag // JEMMA

JoJo Life Bag // JEMMA

Living in NYC has turned me into a bag lady and my Jemma JoJo Life Bag is the newest addition to my collection. There are a few things I generally look for in a bag: good quality, ample space, and interior pockets, and my JoJo Life Bag definitely has all three. It’s a structured cross-body that kind of reminds me of a purse I used to own as a child, only this one is 500x more stylish and sophisticated.

I constantly see the “What’s In Your Bag” tag on Youtube and Instagram, but I never partook in the “game” until now. So, what’s in my Jemma Life Bag? I’m literally digging through my purse as I write this. Keys, phone, wallet, lipstick, lip liner, external phone charger, Nirvana White solid perfume compact, headphones, pressed powder, mascara, and sunglasses. Now you know. Definitely the most important item in there is my phone because without it, I couldn’t update my Instagram and Snapchat. It’s also where I keep my schedule and important notes.

Every bag I own has a purpose, even if that purpose is merely to look pretty. More often than not, I look for a bag that allows me to go seamlessly from work to events. A work/life bag doesn’t have to look a certain way, but it needs to be able to fit my beauty essentials (think: lipstick, mascara, and pressed powder) along with other necessities I may need for the night, like a phone charger and business cards. Happy I found one that does just that.

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St. Remo Black Slip Dress: The Fashion Foundation (c/o)
Forever 21 Denim Jacket: The Fashion Foundation (c/o)
JoJo Life Bag: JEMMA (c/o)
Beaded Choker: Ela Rae Jewelry (c/o)
Black Marble Phone Case: Richmond & Finch (c/o)
Black Zipper Booties: Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Fernando Ceballos

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