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Striped Off-The-Shoulder Shoulder Top // Shop Trescool

Striped Off-The-Shoulder Shoulder Top // Shop Trescool

Happy first day of summer! I thought this day would never come. The NYC weather even matches the season, which is definitely the craziest/best part. I was lucky enough to have my favorite photographer, Fernando Ceballos, shoot this look, which is the first of many to come this summer.

I mixed my favorite style genres of girly and edgy to create this outfit, and I am beyond obsessed with how the boxer braids finish the look. The braids were completely unplanned, but I attended an event at Marie Lou & D Salon the night before my shoot and the stylists were doing complimentary hairstyling. I had always wanted to try boxer braids, but I failed miserably trying to do them myself and was always nervous to get them done the day of a shoot in case I absolutely hated how I looked. I figured there was no better time to give them a try than at 8pm on a random Thursday night, so I showed stylist Yoann Forlini a photo and 10 minutes later, I was transformed into a 25 year old woman with pigtails. I was obsessed. I didn’t expect the braids to last through the night, but after following my friend’s careful instructions to wrap my hair in a silk scarf before bed, “I woke up like dis.” Actually.

I hope cold shoulder tops never go out of style because I wear them on repeat. This striped one from Shop Trescool in particular. I literally wore the shirt twice before even getting it photographed, a huge risk by the way since it’s white, but one I gladly took. I've never been about showing cleavage or even my back. I don't even remember a time when I wore sleeveless. But I wear cold shoulders at least once a week. They create the perfect balance of showing skin, yet staying covered.

The style is also incredibly versatile and can be worn with skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, culottes… anything really. I wouldn't recommend doing the cold shoulder look for the office, but believe it or not, it’s completely work appropriate at my company, and that's actually where I wore it first.

Shop this ASTR Savannah Off-The-Shoulder Top from Shop Trescool!

Striped Off-The-Shoulder Top: Shop Trescool (c/o)
Pastel Pink Mini Skirt: Zara
Gold Rings: Banana Republic + House of Eleonore (c/o)
Nude Lace Up Heels: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Photo Credit: Fernando Ceballos
Hair + Nail Credit: Marie Lou & D Salon

xx Esther

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