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New Haircut + Red Palazzo Pants

New Haircut + Red Palazzo Pants

Being a city girl is more than just living here. It's about knowing the hot spots, dressing the part, and having a go-to hair stylist who you trust enough to let hack off your hair while you sip coffee and gab away. I know that not having all of the above doesn't derail your city-girl status, but in my world, having all three definitely helps solidify your sense of belonging in this city of 8.5 million people. Having a go-to salon with a dedicated hair stylist is like having a little haven away from all the hustle and bustle. A place to refresh and come out remade.

Everyone should experience the luxury of having someone know exactly how you like your hair to look without saying more than four words, "Just like last time." Jennifer Penny from Butterfly Studio Salon is the hair genius I was lucky enough to snag an appointment with the last two times I had my haircut. She took the time to explain each product she used and show me how to play up my hair's natural wave. Jennifer even let me play around with the salon's selfie light afterward so I could get some photos of the wavy look. I would've loved to wear it out of the salon au natural, but we finished with a blown out look since I had a photoshoot immediately after.

It was raining all day, so I wasn't even sure the photoshoot was going to happen. I literally sat there checking the weather every other minute. Add the fact that I was racing against the clock since the sun was slowly starting to go down and I was a 30 minute train ride from my photoshoot location, and you may just get a feel of what my Friday looked like. Luckily, the rain stopped, the train came on time, and I think we got some pretty great shots.

White Cold Shoulder Top: Hot Gal (c/o)
Red Palazzo Pants: Zara
Diamond Marquis Choker: ELAHN Jewels
Camel Mules: Forever 21

Photo Credit: Mika Krantman
Hair Credit: Jennifer Penny from Butterfly Studio Salon

xx Esther

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