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Thoughtful Misfit // L&L Blogger Spotlight

Thoughtful Misfit // L&L Blogger Spotlight

Name: Tienlyn
Location: Joshua Tree
Blog Name/URL:
IG handle: @thoughtfulmisfit

1. Describe your personal style. What are the key pieces to your look?
I'd describe my style as casually sophisticated, with a minimalist twist. However ever since I moved to Joshua Tree, I've definitely started adding a little more of a boho element to my look as it just makes sense with my surroundings! We just finished renovating our first vacation home in Joshua Tree called Cactus Mountain, and we've been calling our design aesthetic for the house Boho Luxe, which means minimalist and sophisticated, but with the obvious bohemian influence. I think this concept of Boho Luxe has definitely bled into my own personal style as well! As far as key pieces, I'm a denim girl at heart, but I love dressing up my favorite staples with high quality items. Good jewelry and a gorgeous bag can transform almost any look and I love how the right pieces can even take denim from everyday to statement. 

2. What are your most favorite and least favorite trends this season?
I like trends that last more than just a season - some of my favorite things lately have been high-waisted anything, and wide-legged trousers. I'm definitely not sick of the whole bandana thing either, as it fits my lifestyle on a practical level as well as on an aesthetic level. But also, loving the lower heels! Not only do they look really cool in a quirky sort of way, but hello, way more comfy!

My least favorite trend is the return to maximalism. Not that I think it can't look great, because it definitely can, but I do find that the pieces I buy that fall in line with this trend are the ones that tend to get the boot from my closet the fastest.

Also, I have to say that at this point in my life, I'm more and more drawn to brands that focus on quality over quantity, and are more conceptual in their development. I'd definitely put craftsmanship over trends, any day. 

3. What is your favorite fashion accessory?
I always thought I was a shoe person, but if you look in my closet, it's pretty clear that I'm all about bags! So reluctantly, I'd have to say bags. The closet doesn't lie! I tend to shy away from big brand designer labels in favor of smaller, more unique brands. Some favorites include Oliveve, Barbara Bonner, Onna Ehrlich, and Vasic New York. But the list is long, let me tell ya!

Also, I've been really drawn to fine jewelry, or well designed pieces that have a specialness to them. I think jewelry should be sentimental, to an extent, so that's generally the first thing that draws me to them. And if I love something, I like to wear it over and over, which is why I generally prefer to choose pieces that are more of an investment. 

4. What is one fashion rule you always ignore?
Most of them! I think fashion rules are made to be learned and then forgotten. For every fashion rule out there, there's someone who has done just the opposite and killed it. But that being said, two things I always keep in mind are overall impact, and proportions. Aside from that, if you don't feel gorgeous, it's time to switch something up - because I've never seen a woman who isn't absolutely gorgeous in her own way. Fashion should really be about highlighting both our inner and outer beauty. To me, it's a form of self respect, and we all deserve that. 

5. What do you love most about being a fashion blogger?
Before being a fashion blogger, I worked as a model and then worked as a fashion editor. Both of them were great experiences in their own ways, but I always wanted to create my own story. This is what blogging has allowed me to do. It's a place where I can create, communicate, and also evolve. Lately, I've really been thinking about my blog name and how much more poignant it is than I initially realized. I've really started to think more about mindfulness, or thoughtfulness, and how fashion and the world around it can co-exist. This is something I'm really hoping to expand more on in the future. Fashion shouldn't be isolated from the rest of your lifestyle, it should be fluid.

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