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Naomy Stern Couture Custom Tulle Skirt + White Heart Louboutins

Naomy Stern Couture Custom Tulle Skirt + White Heart Louboutins

I had a great weekend. I was high on caffeine after going from one blogger coffee date to the next, but I'd say it only added to my productivity. Coffee date number two was with my friend Areta from Areta's Style Secrets whom I have to thank for capturing my princess moment in Bryant Park wearing this custom tulle skirt by Naomy Stern Couture. (This also marks the first shoot I ever did wearing Louboutins. About time, right?) The scene could not have been more perfect. I was surrounded by green grass and a spinning carousel, and I was wearing a gorgeous skirt tailor-made for me. The only times I've ever had anything custom made was when I was a bridesmaid, but I'd rather never have to wear those gowns again. This was a completely new experience. I sent over my measurements to the designer and she created this gorgeous tulle fabric skirt that fits like a glove and falls at the perfect length. Apparently, Naomy Stern's speciality is wedding gowns, so if there are any brides out there, definitely keep her in mind.

One style tip I constantly try to imbue on my followers is that fit comes before everything. You could find the cutest dress at the perfect price, but if it doesn't do your figure justice, leave your credit card in your purse and move on. If you're willing to spend the money to get it tailored, that's another story.

The way your clothes fit says more about you than the actual outfit itself. When you wear clothes that fit right, it says you're polished and chic. If your distressed J.Brand jeans have knee holes that fall two inches below your knees, believe me, no one will even care how expensive they were. They will only be focused on the fact that your jeans are clearly meant for people 2 inches taller, and you somehow missed the memo. Tailoring is important. In fact, it's vital. And whenever you get the chance, go custom. Naomy Stern Couture, everybody. You're welcome.

White Cold Shoulder Top: Zara
Custom Black Tulle Skirt: Naomy Stern Couture (c/o)
Black Choker: Cotton On (c/o)
Black Bag: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

White Pom Pom: Burlap 2 Cashmere (c/o)
White Heart Stilettos: Christian Louboutin

Photo Credit: Areta Chen

xx Esther

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