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Fuchsia Party Skirt // More Than Just Figleaves

Fuchsia Party Skirt // More Than Just Figleaves

I’m scared to even look at the date stamp on my last blog post. It’s been… awhile. I’ve been super busy with traveling, Passover, and the whole “bringing the boyfriend home” thing. All went/is going well, but the blog obviously suffered a bit. So I’m snapping back to work-mode, at least for tonight, so I can get somewhat back on schedule.

Interestingly, this outfit was actually inspired by a similar look on my blog from a couple years back. I figured enough time had passed and since my friend had been the one modeling the original outfit, it was fine to bring back the fuchsia skirt mixed with a stripe top and nude heels kinda look. It wasn’t even intentional, but the second I received this Fuchsia Party Skirt from More Than Just Figleaves, I envisioned it styled like this. Makes sense since I clearly loved it this way the first time. In case you didn’t find that little tidbit as interesting as I did, I’ll do you one better. One of the photos from the original blog post actually went semi-viral on Pinterest, which I discovered randomly while searching, “Leopard and Stripes.” Try it sometime.

Midi skirts have been all the rage for the past couple years, but I’m only finally getting with the times, since until recently, I figured I was too short to pull them off. Turns out, all you really need are some killer heels. The nude heels work perfectly since they basically blend in to create that “legs for days” illusion. Whatever works, right?

Fuchsia Party Skirt: More Than Just Figleaves
Striped T-Shirt: H&M

Black Chain Evening Bag: Ivanka Trump
Gold and Pearl Cuff Bracelet: Lydell NYC

Layering Chokers: Ela Rae
Nude Heels: Steve Madden

Photo Credit: Sarah Leboeuf
Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen

xx Esther

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Floral Dress + Lace-Up Heels // Ivanka Trump

Floral Dress + Lace-Up Heels // Ivanka Trump