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Floral Dress + Lace-Up Heels // Ivanka Trump

Floral Dress + Lace-Up Heels // Ivanka Trump

I feel very fortunate when I say I’ve been wearing a lot of Ivanka Trump lately. I wear my blue Soho Tote almost exclusively to work and I just added the blue floral dress and nude lace-up heels in these pics to my growing Ivanka collection. The constant addition of fabulous pieces to my wardrobe is one of the major perks of being a fashion blogger, but after 3 wonderful blogging years, it’s started to become a major problem. Both my closet and dresser became so packed that I didn’t even know what I owned anymore. I bought a clothing rack to help the situation, but the rack filled up so quickly that even the chairs in my room got piled in clothing. I swear I’m not complaining about having too many clothes, but I was in serious need of a closet cleanse. My roommate helped me this weekend, pulling out so many pieces I never wore and forcing me to part with anything that was too stained for a self-respectable woman to wear. I’m sure I’m not the only one who becomes so attached to my clothes that even if something is stained and I know I will never wear it again, I simply cannot get rid of it. Every shirt or skirt or dress is another memory and another piece that I’m convinced I’ll want to wear soon, even if I haven’t worn it in 5 years.

But here’s the craziest thing. Day 2 after my “closet cleanse,” I actually feel better. It’s a dream being able to open my dresser drawers on the first try. I can now sift through my closet without any effort at all. I can actually see my chairs again. I’m far from having a minimalist wardrobe, but all the pieces I had the hardest time parting with, I don’t even miss. In fact, I’m happier than ever not having them take up precious space in my room. I still have a very long way to go, but at least now I have the motivation to keep shedding the old clothes so I can make more room for the new. Because these Ivanka babies just made top shelf on my shoe rack.

Blue Floral Dress: Ivanka Trump
White Tee: H&M
Double Collar Choker: Lydell NYC
Gold Bracelet: Lydell NYC
Gold Cuff Bracelet: Banana Republic
White Chain Clutch: Erin Dana

Nude Lace-Up Heels: Ivanka Trump

Photo Credit: Sarah Leboeuf
Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen

xx Esther

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