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Black Lingerie Dress + White Sweater // What Happens At A Blogger Brunch

Black Lingerie Dress + White Sweater // What Happens At A Blogger Brunch

Everyone wants to know: What happens at a blogger brunch? Blogger brunches are really the same thing as normal people brunches, except for the fact that all attendees are bloggers, we go only to the trendiest little spots, and no one drinks their coffee until everyone’s got the perfect photo. Bloggers are humans for the most part, so there’s the usual catch up about boyfriends, jobs, and general life, but the conversations usually revolve around our blogs. And I promise, no one’s bored. That’s what makes blogger brunches so much fun. We could spend hours chatting about taking photos of our feet or what companies we should work with next, all the while Snapchatting about our jewelry, without anyone wanting to get up and leave. My go-to blogger spot is any coffee shop that does pretty latte art, but my blogger friends all swear by this adorable little restaurant called Jack’s Wife Freda, so I met a couple of girls there a few months ago. (Yes, it’s taken me this long to get these photos up on the blog.) I was just happy because my coffee came with a leaf design.   

After coffee and only the most colorful, vegetable heavy, Instagram worthy dishes, we usually head out to take some photos of each other. It’s almost like a ritual. Eat, then shoot. The shots in this post were taken with and by my blogger babes Lily from Demeler and Nicole from Too Gold Street. Follow all my blogger brunch adventures on Snapchat: Esther Santer

Black Lingerie Inspired Dress: Zara
Black Criss Cross Bralette: Brandy Melville
White Sweater: Zara
Tattoo Necklace: Burlap 2 Cashmere
Gold Ring: Banana Republic

Black Tights: Hue
Black Leather Booties: Louise et Cie

xx Esther

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 Desigual White Lace Dress + Mackage Moto Jacket

Desigual White Lace Dress + Mackage Moto Jacket

Helmut Lang Sweater + Ivanka Trump Fringe Sandals

Helmut Lang Sweater + Ivanka Trump Fringe Sandals