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Alice + Olivia Floral Dress

Alice + Olivia Floral Dress

Today I'm going to talk about the downside of blogging. There is so much good that comes with blogging, the free clothes, the event invites, the people you meet... The pros obviously outweigh the cons because otherwise, no one would do it. But there is a major con. It's one many bloggers and celebrities have addressed before. It's called online bullying. Maybe it's the shield of anonymity on social media that brings people to comment negatively or maybe it's because they're just that mean, but it's a huge issue and I'm joining the masses in speaking out about it.

You've all heard the story about the kid who killed himself because of bullies. How many more stories will it take to make people understand that their words have impact? Ivanka Trump recently reposted another one of my photos on her Instagram account. I always appreciate Ivanka's support and I am thrilled to be a part of her mission to empower women, but I did not appreciate some of the comments I saw underneath that photo. Many were positive, but there were multiple people who tore me apart, calling me ugly, saying my legs weren't nice, and commenting that I walked like a chicken. One person even went as far as to tell everyone to “focus on those ugly a** legs whoever they belong to.” Those comments aren't going to make me cry or stop me from blogging, but they did make me stop and think. Are we so insecure as people that we feel the need to hate on a random girl in a photo? And are we so weak that when people we've never even met hate on us, our day is ruined and our insecurities come out? Unfortunately, sometimes that's the case, but while we can't change the haters and their cruel intentions, we can change the way we react. We need to spread the positivity to others and especially to ourselves so that when the haters come, you can't hear them over your positive self talk. Don't let them break you. #yourebeautifuldarling

Long Floral Dress: Alice + Olivia (picked by Trunk Club stylist)
Gold Jewelry: Lydell NYC (c/o)

Cork Wedges: Dolce Vita

Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb
Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen

xx Esther

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Helmut Lang Sweater + Ivanka Trump Fringe Sandals

Helmut Lang Sweater + Ivanka Trump Fringe Sandals

Cold Shoulder Tibi Top + Frame Denim

Cold Shoulder Tibi Top + Frame Denim