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Black Fringe & Tassel Sandals // Ivanka Trump

Black Fringe & Tassel Sandals // Ivanka Trump

I had multiple meetings/events/appointments scheduled every day last week. Except for Tuesday. In fact, I was not supposed to do anything on Tuesday except edit photos and sip coffee while wearing pajamas. I was excited about that too because there’s only so much “going out” I can handle. But then I got an email from Butterfly Studio Salon at around 12:30PM asking if I’d be available to come in for a haircut appointment in an hour. As part of my plan to delve deeper into the lifestyle aspect of my brand, I had to say, “YES!” We’re shooting my new look (fresh chop and highlights) tomorrow by the way, so if you haven’t seen my hair yet on Snapchat, you’ll see it on the blog very soon. :)

I pushed myself out the door in 30 minutes to make my haircut appointment, but I figured I would just go home afterward and slip back into my pajamas which were eagerly waiting for me. Nope. Because the next email came in. My plan to go home was completely replaced by my invitation to Ivanka Trump’s HQ for cupcakes. Kidding, I went to pick up these beautiful black Hettie fringe and tassel sandals, but cupcakes were definitely included. Ivanka’s office is an explosion of blush pink. It’s adorable. She even has a coloring corner for the kids with crayons and mini white Eames chairs (probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen). 

After I left, I literally wanted to fall on my face and go to sleep, but I remembered my shoot planned for the next day so was forced to spend the next hour shopping. The shoot ended up getting canceled because of the rain, but at least now I’m prepared for tomorrow. Expect a lot of black and white, stripes, and turtlenecks. I’m clearly going through a phase.

It’s always funny when our laziest days end up being our busiest. Maybe even some of our best.

Black Hettie Fringe and Tassel Sandals: Ivanka Trump

xx Esther

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