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Power Rangers Tee + OTK Boots // #BloggerProblems

Power Rangers Tee + OTK Boots // #BloggerProblems

Blogger problems, while very traumatic and real, are what we may as well just call “first world problems.” As a blogger myself, I can tell you how easy it is to get caught up in the whole, “Omg, I can’t believe they only sent me ONE pair of shoes when I asked for two!” drama, but let’s be real, the blogger life is good. We literally have companies showering us with bags and clothes and shoes on a weekly basis and then we get hundreds of dollars to post about it. To all my bloggers out there, let’s just appreciate the ridiculousness of our lives for once. And to all the non-bloggers reading this, please forgive us as I list the top 15 (barely exaggerated) complaints I’ve heard come out our mouths.

  1. I have too many shoes. They have literally taken over my closet, my bookshelf, and my entire bedroom floor.
  2. I get too many emails from companies who just want to give me free things. I seriously don't have time for this.
  3. A company wants to gift me a watch in exchange for THREE photos! Are you kidding me? Who do they think I am? A full time photographer?
  4. A company surprised me with a bracelet in the mail, but it’s silver and I hate silver. I want them to send it again in gold.
  5. Omg I hate when companies send me stuff without asking me what I want first!
  6. This company wants to pay me $500 to post a photo with a tee-shirt I absolutely hate. Why do I always get put in such difficult situations?
  7. A company wants to pay me $250 to go to an event, but the event is all the way in Queens. I don't know if that's enough money to get me to go to Queens.
  8. They ran out of gift bags. I came all the way out to this party, enjoyed their cocktails, ate their food, and DIDN'T get a gift bag.
  9. I went out to brunch with my friend and she got so mad at me when I wanted to take a photo first. Doesn't she get that this is my business?
  10. They're only serving mocktails at the event?! I'm not coming.
  11. It is so freaking cold outside and I have 50 fashion shows to go to. This is the worst day ever.
  12. This company keeps emailing me about the same collab. Don't they get that I'll respond if I'm interested?
  13. Vogue Magazine invited me to an event, but it's during work. My life is so hard.
  14. I got such an expensive haircut for free so now I have to give a huge tip. Oh my Gd. These free beauty services are costing me so much.
  15. It's so annoying how many times I have to take boxes out to the garbage.

Power Rangers Tee: Borrowed
Black Skirt: Forever 21
Black OTK Boots: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Hair Credit: Olya Iudina
Photo Credit: Sophie Sahara

xx Esther

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