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Down The Rabbit Hole // All Black Look

Down The Rabbit Hole // All Black Look

Barneys' spiral staircase is famous and I’ve probably screenshotted photos of it at least 20 times on Instagram over the last couple years, each time making a mental note to shoot there. Well, I finally remembered to bring up this spot with my photographer, Sophie Sahara, and it was everything I had hoped. The photos came out incredible and it was such a treat to shoot indoors when it was about 20 degrees outside. Changing outfits at Barneys was also a major upgrade from the usual Starbucks’ restrooms.

It was fairly crowded on the steps, so Sophie and I had to take a bunch of breaks between shots. During one of those breaks, a woman came over to me and asked me where she could find something. When I told her I didn’t work there, she kept staring at me and then said, “You’re Louboutins & Love, right?” Not that it happens often, but I’ve become used to people recognizing me as a blogger. I still find it hilarious though when people call me by my blog name. Apparently, she is the account manager for a brand I worked with so she had been staring at photos of me for the past month. It really is a small world.  

My Top 5 Favorite Places to Shoot in New York:

  1. Dumbo, Brooklyn
    Every blogger shoots there, but for good reason. Cobble stone streets, bridge views, and a body of water. It’s a blogger’s paradise.
  2. Bryant Park
    It’s usually crowded, but it’s a great park and I am obsessed with carousels.
  3. New York Public Library
    It’s across from Bryant Park and has the most incredible steps leading up to the building.
  4. Upper East Side
    I love the area. It’s quiet, much less crowded, and has a plethora of pretty stoops.
  5. Columbia University
    I almost don’t want to give this location away, because it’s so perfect. The campus is beautiful with so many options of walls and stairs to shoot against. The secret is to shoot there during the summer when it’s virtually empty of students.  

Black Dress: Zara
Black Over The Knee Boots: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Hair Credit: Olya Iudina
Photo Credit: Sophie Sahara

xx Esther

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