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White Ruffle Dress // Luvit

White Ruffle Dress // Luvit

I remember when dresses came back in style. I think I was in 9th grade and I vividly remember telling my sister that I would never wear them again. They were for little girls, after all. Now dresses are honestly all I wear. I love them in every variation, especially in neutral colors like black and white. This white dress is a particular favorite and I found it on the Luvit app.

It was about 20 degrees the day of this shoot. As you can tell, I wasn’t dressed for the weather, but that’s probably the hardest part of blogging. It doesn’t matter if it’s so cold I could cry, I can’t just take the winter off, so I have to just push through. And after 4 winters, I think I’ve finally mastered the whole, “It feels like my legs are about to fall off, but I’m just gonna stand here, smile, and pretend that it’s sunny out.”

The second hardest part of blogging is definitely keeping up with my emails. I feel like my inbox takes over my life, never ceasing to let up. That’s why I get happy when apps like Luvit come around and make my life easier. I don’t have the luxury of time to go shopping, and with Luvit, I don’t even have to leave my bed. I just scroll through product images from over 70 emerging designers and buy what I like in a matter of 30 seconds or less. I even get money back with every purchase! Another fun app feature is getting to earn cash back every time someone else buys something you’ve shared or “luved.”

Download Luvit today at and follow me @esthersanter.

White Ruffle Dress: Genuine People/Luvit (c/o)
Blush Pink Leather Jacket: All Saints/Bloomingdale’s
Burgundy Heels: DSW

Photo Credit: Trish of The Caffeinated Camera

xx Esther

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