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I'm a bona fide fashion addict living in New York City. I love writing about fashion trends and the blogging life. New posts every Sunday and Wednesday!

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Holographic Face Masks

Weekend Attire // Blu Kicks

Weekend Attire // Blu Kicks

While I wouldn’t exactly describe my weekends as relaxing, I definitely would consider my weekend attire as such. Friday and Sunday are my blogging days. Friday is my day to answer emails, write new posts, and plan photoshoots, and Sunday is my day to shoot. I make sure to take a few breaks, mostly to run errands and eat, but I work myself hard, so I try to keep it casual and comfortable. My go-to’s are baggy dresses and long sweaters over jeans. I’m also a big fan of slip on sneakers since they’re easy to throw on before running out of the house. Thankfully these Blu Kicks fit right into my weekend uniform.

Three random facts about me:

  1. My old roommate taught me the basic guitar chords and I spent the next two weeks practicing them until I could play comfortably.

  2. I don’t wear flip flops. Ever.

  3. I love reading biographies about successful business people.

Photo Credit: Trish of The Caffeinated Camera

xx Esther

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