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Uniqlo Sweater + Fringe Booties

Uniqlo Sweater + Fringe Booties

I love sweaters. I hate winter. The cold actually scares me. I would rather sit in my apartment all day than brave harsh winds. Rain, snow, or shine; however, I have an 8 minute walk to the subway that takes me to work. I don’t mind the cold as much when it’s snowing since it makes the city look beautiful (until the snow turns to slush ten minutes later) and because I love sledding. I had a lot of snow days growing up in St. Louis and my friends and I always took advantage. We would bundle up and sled for hours until our faces were frozen and we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore. Then we would head over to one of our houses to warm up with hot chocolate.

My favorite NYC winter activity is walking down 5th Avenue on Christmas Eve to look at the lights and window displays. My cousin and I actually made a tradition of it. The displays are literally works of art and it’s the most magical time walking through the city when the streets are clear of people. While the rest of the world is indoors celebrating the holiday, my cousin and I are strolling down vacant streets watching lights dance across buildings and sipping on Starbucks. Since my cousin moved away for college, my boyfriend’s taken her place and it’s become my favorite kinda date night.

My Top 3 Date Places in NYC:

  1. Shalel lounge. My friend and I stumbled into it one night when we noticed rose petals leading down a staircase. We followed them to the most romantic underground bar with hanging chairs, candles, and mini waterfalls.
  2. Caravan Of Dreams. It’s one of my absolute favorite vegan restaurants and it’s got a fully stocked bar, so you can eat there and then hang out for drinks. It’s also got a really cool ambience.
  3. Library Hotel Lounge. It’s classy, they serve good drinks, and it’s on a sick rooftop in midtown.

Tan Sweater: Uniqlo (c/o)
Printed Corduroy Skirt: Club Monaco
Blue Suede Claudia Small Saddle Bag: Ivanka Trump (c/o)
Fringe Booties: Ivanka Trump

Photo Credit: Trish of The Caffeinated Camera

xx Esther

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