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Red Romper + Black Tights

Red Romper + Black Tights

I love this red romper. The only problem is that it's very distinguishable, which doesn't work so well with my desire to wear it every day of my life. I wore it to a shopping event about three weeks after posting a photo in it on Instagram and one of my followers literally recognized me from my romper. Either she has a sick memory or this romper really is that memorable. Or maybe just that bright. Anyway, I've been trying to wear more red, as per my assistant's recommendation, since the color complements my skin tone.

Being a full-time blogger has been pretty interesting. I'd say my hardest challenge so far has been waking up early. Starting my day at 7am versus 11am makes all the difference, so my goal beginning February 1, 2016: Get out of bed by 9:45am. Baby steps. The best advice I received on the matter was to purposely schedule morning meetings and it's actually worked wonders all week. The issue is when there are no meetings to be had... Would love to hear what other full time bloggers do to manage their time. Comment below!

Red Romper: Zara
Black Tights: Hue
Gold Collar Necklace: Lydell NYC
Gold Rings: H&M
Black and Gold Stiletto Heels: Zara

Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen
Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb

xx Esther

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