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Black Floral Dress // Brandy Melville

Black Floral Dress // Brandy Melville

This isn’t a sponsored post, but I just want to say how much I love Brandy Melville. Their clothing is literally the softest, most comfortable around. If you’ve ever been there, you know you agree. They do have strange sizing though, labeling everything as “one size fits most.” Believe me, one size does not fit most, especially their crop tops which may as well be size XXS. In fact, I’d say the store was made for tiny people, much smaller than I am. This dress; however, does seem to fall in the “one size fits most” category since it’s got a drawstring.

I roamed around Rome in this dress and became so obsessed that I’ve already wore it 10 more times in America. It’s soft, light, and perfect for throwing on.

What does everyone else think of Brandy Melville?


Black Floral Dress: Brandy Melville
Ray-Ban Aviators: Pret A Voir
Gold Bracelets: Kris Nations + Banana Republic
Tattoo Choker and Bracelet: Burlap 2 Cashmere
Black and Gold Mules: Zara

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Marble Decals // Marble MacBook

Marble Decals // Marble MacBook

Tattoo Choker, Gold Bangles, + Bag Furries

Tattoo Choker, Gold Bangles, + Bag Furries