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Skincare Routine // Enza

Skincare Routine // Enza

Skincare is always a hot topic because there are hundreds of products to choose from and only so many you can add to your usual skincare routine. Lucky for me, Enza made it simple and after a brief skin evaluation, they sent me a personalized skin care regimen along with all the recommended products.

My regimen varies for day and night. The AM routine includes products like Vitamin C Serum and SPF, but for the PM, I was recommended to use Glycolic Serum and Sustaining Glow Creme.

If you’ve been following L&L at all, you know I spent 2 weeks of my summer roaming around Greece and Croatia. I could not be happier that my Enza package arrived before my trip because I attribute my perfect tan to their Advanced Protection SPF 30. I wore this sunscreen every day and the only part of my body that got burnt was one section of my leg where I clearly missed a spot.

Another favorite from the products Enza sent is their Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelée. I have this thing for eye creams and this one definitely lives up to my standards. Not too heavy or light, it just feels refreshing around my eyes.

I’ve been using my new Enza products for about a month now. My skin feels good, it looks clear, and I am overall happy with everything I’ve tested. The only product I'm still getting used to is the facial cleanser as it is much gentler than ones I generally use, but I’m sure it won’t take much longer since I have my Fine Facial Polish to balance it out.

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