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Ray-Ban Aviators + Corduroy // Pret A Voir

Ray-Ban Aviators + Corduroy // Pret A Voir

I used to go through approximately 5 pairs of sunglasses every summer. I would literally sit on them, crack them, or accidentally leave them at the pool, never to be seen again. Thankfully, all the ones I broke or lost were just $10 mall stand purchases, but it definitely did not make me want to go out and invest in an expensive pair. I honestly did not trust myself to have a good pair of sunglasses, but the whole world was rocking Ray-Bans, so I bought myself a pair of Clubmasters. I barely believe it myself, but it’s been 4 years and counting!

That being said, it was high time for a new pair. I knew I wanted a second pair of Ray-Bans, and Pret A Voir has a seriously good selection, in addition to hundreds of other “luxury designer eyewear.” I chose the Ray-Ban gold metal aviators and to say I’ve been living in them this summer is an understatement. They are absolute perfection.

Just make sure to be aware of Ray-Ban’s aviator sizing. I have a small face, so even the “adult small” is too big for me. I can’t even tell you how excited I got when I saw that Pret A Voir carries an actual size small. They look so tiny coming out of the box, but they fit perfectly!

Ray-Ban Aviators:
Pret A Voir (c/o)
Black V-Neck: Uniqlo
Corduroy Skirt: Topshop
Black and Gold Mules: Zara

xx Esther

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Off The Shoulder Dress + Fedora // Goorin Brothers

Off The Shoulder Dress + Fedora // Goorin Brothers

Gold Pearl Ear Jackets // Bitz of Glitz

Gold Pearl Ear Jackets // Bitz of Glitz