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Maroon Fedora // Goorin Brothers

Maroon Fedora // Goorin Brothers

This season is all about the hat. Every color fedora and bowler hat in the floppiest variety. I used to be a big beret person until France ruined it for me. And not because everyone wore them there. In fact, the only French person I ever saw wearing a beret (minus the tourists) was my way too stereotypical history professor. But after living in Paris, I can't wear a beret without hearing the question of, "Oh! Did you pick that up in France?!" Regardless, floppy hats are where it’s at this season and it took just one hat fitting at Goorin Brothers to get my hat game strong.

I probably tried on at least twenty hats in the new Nolita Goorin Brother's store, trying to find the perfect one. I was overwhelmed by all the options, all organized by collection, but I finally selected the Lise Meitner, “an American made wool fedora with a raw edge brim.” The maroon color looks so good with basically every color, especially with denim, so I’m really happy I veered from the standard black floppy hat or classic straw fedora. I even spruced it up with a feather, which definitely took it to the next level. And one of the greatest parts about this hat is that you can roll it up and throw it in your bag. Awesome. I know.

My new hat stayed in its box for less than 12 hours since I wore it to the Street Style charity fashion show later that night, hosted by Lord & Taylor. It was the perfect accessory and added just the right touch to my otherwise simple outfit.

Can’t wait to show you all the other ways I wore my Goorin Bros fedora!

Maroon Wool Fedora: Goorin Brothers
White V-Neck Tee Shirt: H&M
Grey Sweater: Zara

Button Front Jean Skirt: Zara
Black and Gold Mules: Zara

xx Esther

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