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Summer Wedding Attire // Black Cape Dress

Summer Wedding Attire // Black Cape Dress

My cousin got engaged about seven plus months ago. You would think that somewhere between then and last Sunday, I would have made the time to buy a dress for the wedding. I guess it slipped my mind because I found myself scrounging around Zara two days before with thirty minutes on the clock, as that is the time my work allots me for lunch. I ended up finding a beautiful faux-silk hot pink dress and I purchased it immediately. 

With my dress conveniently stuffed in my bag, I went straight to New Jersey after work to attend the Street Style charity fashion show hosted by Lord & Taylor. Not so conveniently, I accidentally left my bag there. 

Without time to hit another Zara or make my way back to Jersey, I asked my cousin (not the engaged one) to get my bag and bring it to the wedding for me. But in the chance that I arrived before my dress, I needed a back-up. That's when I remembered this black cape dress I featured a while back on L&L. I had also just received this jeweled belt from a designer named Adina, so I threw it on along with my sparkly Brian Atwood heels and called it a night. (Just a side note, this belt can also be worn as a headband, bracelet, necklace, or anklet. It's amazing! I'll try to post a separate feature soon.)

It wasn't until my cousin showed up to the wedding with my pink dress (freshly ironed by my uncle, by the way) that I realized I liked my makeshift outfit more than my original one. I promised my uncle I wouldn't waste his ironing talents, so expect to see a picture of me in a pink dress someday soon. 

Black Cape Dress: Zara
Jeweled Belt: Adina (Instagram @AdinnaBB)
Jeweled Heels: Brian Atwood

xx Esther

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