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Summer Shoes From Ifchic: Mules and Sandals

Summer Shoes From Ifchic: Mules and Sandals

I am the queen of online shopping. It took some years to master the practice, but growing up in St Louis without a license and no chauffeur meant learning to make do with just the Internet. I literally went through phases where I would receive a package a day. The point is that after all this time, I really do know how to shop online, and ifchic is one of my new favorite online retail sites.

I'm crazy about ifchic's product selections, but I also think they have a really cool concept for their site. Mark your calendars girls, because over the month, as you browse ifchic's product pages, you are able to collect coins (1 coin = $1) and on the 24th of every month, you are able to shop with them! 

Every day you are able to collect up to 6 coins. How you collect them is simply by going to, browsing through their pages, and clicking on the coin graphics that pop up. This usually happens within a minute after you arrive on their site. You need to register with ifchic first, but as long as you are logged in, the coins are automatically added to your account. 

Ifchic's collections are for any girl who loves to stay on trend. Everything they sell is so on point style wise that I had the hardest time choosing what to get. They also style their pieces really well which is great for getting outfit inspiration before you buy. My favorite designer they carry is definitely Cameo and I settled on two pairs of their shoes, these super mod white and black mules and these black knotted sandals.

On March 24th, I logged into my account to get in on the sale event and redeem my coins to buy the shoes. It was so fun shopping knowing my total would practically be zeroed out at checkout from using my collected coins. And not even 24 hours after placing my order, I received a shipping confirmation. 

Both pairs of shoes are absolutely adorable and I am so excited to show you how I wore them in two different outfit posts next week. The mules did unfortunately give me blisters the first time I wore them, but I guess a lot of shoes do that when breaking them in. As for the sandals, I already know I will be living in them all summer.

Such a great shopping site and overall good experience. I already started collecting coins for the next event on April 24th, so you should probably get on that.

xx Esther 

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