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Yellow Ruffled Jacket + Striped Tee

Yellow Ruffled Jacket + Striped Tee

My assistant, Batsheva, and I recently went to an Echo x Lo Bosworth event at Bloomingdales. I wouldn’t call it so much an event as a small gathering, but it ended up being better for us since we were able to have some one on one time with Lo, a celeb blogger and reality TV star from The Hills. I usually try to avoid asking famous bloggers the standard question, “What’s your best advice for bloggers?” but since I had no idea who she was until Batsheva gave me the "lodown," I blanked on conversation starters and the question popped out. Surprisingly, Lo didn’t give me the usual response, “Just keep doing what you’re doing,” because yea, thanks, that does not exactly give me direction. Instead, she said, “Think of the absolute weirdest part of yourself, the part you don’t want anyone else knowing, and capitalize on it.” It’s very understandable now how she became a reality TV star, but it was probably the greatest advice a celebrity has ever given me. Now I just gotta find that “thing.”

I completely forgot about this mustard yellow jacket. I wore it once before, about a year ago, in a previous post, Yellow Ruffled Jacket Over Black Dress. While one of my interns was pinning old blog photos, she commented on the jacket, and I knew it was time to bring it back out for a photoshoot.

Forgive the red hands (I was beyond freezing on set), but I just had to share my favorite new rings from a jewelry company called Soul Beadz. These rings have become part of my daily jewelry look, which changes on the reg, but these may stay for a while.  

Yellow Ruffled Jacket: Anthropologie
Striped Tee: Zara
Black Mini Skirt: H&M
Black Tights: Hue
Jeweled Rings: Soul Beadz
Gold Cuff Bracelet: Banana Republic
Black Booties: Louise et Cie/Nordstrom

Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen
Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb

xx Esther

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