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Dripping In Diamonds // Elahn Jewels

Dripping In Diamonds // Elahn Jewels

The last time I spoke about fine jewelry company Elahn Jewels, I mentioned how I had never even worn diamonds prior to pulling some of their pieces for Ivanka Trump’s holiday party and my photoshoot wearing a white glitter dress. Now I can say I am the proud owner of my very first pair of Elahn Jewels diamond earrings and I cannot wait to show you them! Fingers crossed I will wear them in my next photoshoot. 

Photoshoots have kind of been on hold for the last few weeks due to my assistant Batsheva waking up with an anomaly of a foot malfunction. One day she was walking and the next, she was limping. Don’t ask. At least it’s given me lots of photo editing time, and believe me when I say I am majorly backed up. Looking for a way to help the job economy? Help make L&L big and I promise to go on a hiring rampage. First hire: Photo Editor. ;)

Grey Peacoat: Zara
Black Fur Stole: Forever 21
Diamond Earrings + Rings: Elahn Jewels
Red Lace Up Heels: French Connection/Bloomingdales

Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen
Photo Credit: Mika Krantman

xx Esther

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