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White Hi-Low Puffer Coat // Snowman New York

White Hi-Low Puffer Coat // Snowman New York

Winter has always been a sore subject for me because I don’t just hate the cold, I despise it. Normal people just throw on a heavy coat and suck it up, but since I was a kid, I had an aversion to anything bulky, or in other words, warm. I was the kid who would stand in the freezing cold wearing only a fleece sweater because I refused to layer up. Until my recent trip to the Snowman New York showroom, I never even owned a real winter coat. I finally understand what all the craze is about. Snowman is a high-end outerwear company that makes fashion forward premium down coats that are uh-mazing! My assistant and I had so much fun going through the showroom racks, trying on the most interesting, unique, Vogue-esque, spacesuit inspired (?) faux-fur and leather covered down coats. The space was beautiful and the lighting beyond perfect that we literally set up shop in there for a mini photoshoot before we left. I particularly fell in love with the Tart - City Snow hi-low puffer I’m wearing in these photos and I wear it every chance I get!

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White Hi-Low Premium Down Coat: Snowman New York (c/o)
Long Black Lace Top: Forever 21
Light Wash Denim: Zara

Rings: Soul Beadz + House of Eleonore (c/o)
Black Double Strap Heels: Zara

Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb

xx Esther

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