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Plaid Dress + Long Black Vest

Plaid Dress + Long Black Vest

I’m a hardcore 90’s kid. I grew up on Friends, I know exactly who loves orange soda, and I probably had every color gel pen, glitter included. So I was a bit excited when 90’s fashion became all the rage, tattoo chokers, crop tops, and plaid. YES! Plaid is more of a seasonal trend, but the 90’s was full of it.

This plaid shirt dress fit more like a shirt than a dress, so I pulled it together with a long black vest. It was a good move anyway since Fall weather can be a bit nippy. I love dressing festively and in line with the season. I basically wear red from Thanksgiving through Christmas and I don’t even celebrate the latter. The holiday spirit is just that strong in NYC.

I was trying hard not to laugh during this shoot because what you can’t see are the customers at the restaurant across the street watching and calling out poses to try.

Plaid Shirt Dress: Zara
Long Black Vest: Zara
Monogrammed Wallet: Letterz by ON
Black Chain Booties: Zara

Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen
Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb

xx Esther

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