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Jean Dress Overalls + Off The Shoulder Top

Jean Dress Overalls + Off The Shoulder Top

My birthday used to be a huge disappointment, always falling out at the most inopportune time when no one is available or around to celebrate. I don’t have Facebook either, so none of my friends even realized it was my birthday most years. Until two years ago when I decided to begin telling everyone, starting about a month before the event. I somehow managed to slide it into every conversation, multiple times. Yes, I’m that annoying. And the result… I now have on average 5 birthday parties a year, one that I plan and a few surprises along the way.

This was the look I wore to my planned birthday party which I held at a popular NYC bar last month. It was an absolutely amazing night and the perfect way to start my mid-20s. I realize it’s a bit of a daytime outfit, but the birthday girl always gets to do what she wants, and I was kinda digging the zipper theme.

Jean Dress Zipper Overalls: Zara
Off-The-Shoulder Top: Beau & Eros
Tattoo Bracelet: Burlap 2 Cashmere
Gold Jewelry: Lydell NYC
Zipper Booties: Nordstrom

xx Esther

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White Prince Minaudiere // Erin Dana

White Prince Minaudiere // Erin Dana

Sage Terno Cocktail Dress // Mestiza NY

Sage Terno Cocktail Dress // Mestiza NY