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Red Sweater + Black Ruffled Skirt // Wow Couture

Red Sweater + Black Ruffled Skirt // Wow Couture

I have found a new love of mine that I didn’t know even existed until recently, photography. I’ve been taking photos for L&L over the past couple months and it has been so much fun! Esther is a total model and super fun to shoot with. The day we did this shoot was one of my favorites. It sounds funny to say, but we were both so exhausted and running on fumes that we had to make sure to keep each other motivated and energy levels up. We went down to SOHO and ran around shooting in a bunch of different locations. It is so amazing to shoot down there! The street art and architecture create the best shots.

During this shoot, we borrowed a couple dogs and got a few amazing shots, but ultimately it was super difficult to shoot with animals. Patience required. We also met another photographer who shoots for high fashion editorial pieces, including Amber Fillerup, a fashion blogger that I am a huge fan of! We chatted about what the best lenses are to use and he was so sweet and friendly.

We had a ton of fun that day! When we got home to check out all the shots on a larger screen, we were super pleased. It is always a great feeling when a long day pays off.

xo Batsheva

Chunky Red Sweater: H&M
Black Ruffled Skirt: Wow Couture
Gold Collar Necklace: Lydell NYC
Black and White Monogrammed Wallet: Letterz By ON
Black Wedge Sneakers: Urban Outfitters

Hair Credit: Rivkah Cohen
Photo Credit: Batsheva Loeb

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Holiday Party // Ivanka Trump Style

Holiday Party // Ivanka Trump Style

Girls' Night In With Ivanka Trump

Girls' Night In With Ivanka Trump