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Girls' Night In With Ivanka Trump

Girls' Night In With Ivanka Trump

It all began with a pair of booties. I was doing my typical 2AM online shopping dash when I found these uh-mazing Ivanka Trump fringe booties from Nordstrom. I texted my friend a screenshot of them and told her, “I need them, right??” When she confirmed the necessity, I immediately placed my order and 5-7 days later, I was the proud owner of a beautiful new pair of Ivanka Trump leather booties.

I wore my booties in a photoshoot a couple days later. I was tired, it was a long day, but my assistant insisted on taking candid shots while on our walk home. I swear it was a fluke when I turned around and the camera caught me half walking, half spinning, fringe flying. I decided to post the shot on Instagram and not too long after, I got an email from someone on Ivanka’s team. The email said that Ivanka loved the photo and wanted to know if I would give my permission for her to repost it on her page. I immediately responded, “Absolutely,” but I didn’t think anything of it since Nordstrom had gotten in touch with me previously with the same question and nothing happened with my photo.

About a week later, I woke up to many many many texts wishing me congratulations. I thought I won the lottery or something. Then I saw it… Ivanka had posted my photo on her Instagram page and people were FREAKING out. (So was I.)

That’s not even close to the end of this saga because about a week later, I received an invitation to a Girls’ Night In with Ivanka Trump! I died. The event was last night in the penthouse suite of Trump Towers Soho and here are all the behind the scenes pics so you can see exactly how a Trump party goes down.

I invited my assistant, Batsheva, and friend, Devorah, to attend the event with me and we had NO idea what to expect. We arrived at the penthouse and were greeted very warmly by a butler and a bunch of Ivanka’s team. They handed us each a signature pomegranate cocktail and a numbered card stock with Ivanka’s tips on getting ready for the holidays. We were told to collect all 10 cards throughout the evening. The penthouse was decorated beautifully, with fur throws on the couches, metallic wall decals, and Ivanka’s new shoe and bag collection lining windowsills and tables. Hands down, it was the classiest party I have ever been to in my entire life. And the craziest part… I walked in and everyone knew who I was.

It was a very intimate event which made it all the more amazing. I think I was one of only two fashion bloggers invited which was especially incredible. We got our hair done, makeup touched up, and spent the night chatting it up with Ivanka and her lovely team.

A few cocktails later, we headed home with goodie bags containing Ivanka’s new Soho Tote, which is an absolute must have. Life is good.

And it all began with a pair of booties.

White Tee Shirt: Onno T-shirts
Emerald Green Jumpsuit: Zara
Rose Cut Diamond Earrings: ELAHN Jewels
Emerald and Diamond Ring: ELAHN Jewels
White Prince Minaudiere: Erin Dana

Preta Fringe Booties: Ivanka Trump

xx Esther

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