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All White Look // Gold Jewelry

All White Look // Gold Jewelry

I went through a period of time when I attended NYC events non-stop. I would find these events mostly online, sometimes through email invites, and one time, I came across this Paul Frank holiday card making class on Twitter. I thought it sounded fun, so I invited my friend, expecting we would find ourselves at a holiday networking party. Not quite. We arrived as the only guests in our double digits, excluding the parents who had all brought their little 6 year olds to arts and crafts night.

More amused than anything, my friend and I pulled over a couple of tiny chairs and got our gluesticks out. There ended up being one other adult at the event who didn’t seem to be attached to any of the children there, so my friend and I struck up a conversation with him. We quickly learned that even he had not chosen to make a night of decorating holiday cards, but was in attendance as the Paul Frank PR representative.

Fast forward a year to when I got a new roommate who just so happens to intern at the same PR firm. Small world. Anyway, I was short on time to go shopping for an outfit to wear for my Sunday shows this past New York Fashion Week, so I texted my roommate to see if I could come pull some samples to wear instead. Two hours later, I was reunited with my Paul Frank buddy in the Red Light PR sample closet.

That whole story was just to tell you that this dress came from Red Light PR. I’m decked out in gold jewelry from Lydell NYC, a company I modeled for the other week. I posted behind the scenes photos in a previous post, in case you missed it. And now that summer is over, I’ll just have to figure out how to wear my signature all white looks through winter. The end.

P.s. Shop Lydell NYC and receive 25% off with my code: esther25

White Dress: Lumier by Bariano

White Tee: H&M
Gold Jewelry: Lydell NYC (c/o)
White and Black Mules: IfChic (c/o)

xx Esther

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